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   Today the number of Mamikonyan-Chilingaryan tribe members is over 10.000. The tribe members have over 80 surnames- Chilingaryan, Khachatryan, Basentsyan, Ananyan, Papoyan, Sahakyan, Petrosyan, Budaghyan, Hovhannisyan and so on. The company has its official newspaper named "Chilingar". The author of the Chilingaryan tribe lineage, chemical sciences candidate Edward Sargsyan says in it that this tribe lived in Moush's Vardablour, Gldan and Parni villages. When a baby was born in Mamikonyan tribe, the tribe's emblem was hung on baby's neck. There was an eagle on the emblem holding an aries in its claws and it symbolized the tribe's ancestor when he was bringing the fire from the sky.